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All of the content that you would get from For Pup Sake's in-person course is included in the online version. Each command is laid out in easy to follow, manageable videos. You'll get full explanations of everything so you'll understand the reasons behind the training.

Two training options are available.

Option 1 allows you to work your way through the Units on your own at your own pace with full access to the video library for 1 year.


Option 2 also allows you to work through the Units at your own pace BUT you're not on your own. You will have direct access to a Professional Trainer! You will be invited to join an exclusive Facebook Group where you will be able to upload videos of the work you're doing with your dog. You will get feedback from a trainer with suggestions for improvements or to confirm that your dog is ready to move to the next step. You will also be invited to join weekly Zoom meetings where like-minded handlers can discuss issues, successes and all-things dog with each other and a Professional Trainer.


Both options allow you to have full access to all of the videos (almost 50 videos with more being added) for 1 year.

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