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About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to For Pup Sake Dog Training.  I'd like you all to know why I want to offer my services to you. I have always had dogs. I have had some amazing dogs, some crazy dogs and some dogs who, quite frankly, weren't the sharpest pup  in the pack and I have loved them all. Almost 6 years ago I brought home a 9 week old Shepherd\Rotti cross who we named Wick. At the same time I was just beginning my training to become a Professional Dog Trainer.. Wick would train along with me and would later become my demo dog. As she has matured she has grown into a smart, sweet, wonderful dog. But something else really cool happened. Something I hadn't anticipated. Her and I developed a very special relationship. We bonded, we communicate and there is a mutual respect. Like I said, I have always had great dogs but this is different.  Delving deeper into what Wick is capable of opened my eyes to the possibilities and I know there's so much more that her and I are capable of that I can't wait to explore. Since Wick joined me I have added 2 other dogs to my pack and have trained with all of them.  I have a total of 4 large breed dogs living in my house and that is often met with surprise when I tell people.  But its not hard. We go places, we hike, we enjoy life...with all the dogs. I want you to feel that way about your dog because it truly is magical.

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