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What People Are Saying 

Meghan C

Amazing! We have an American Bulldog puppy and have tried the generic group training sessions with some other companies but it was not very helpful.  Patti was so accommodating and each class was centred around our dog’s specific needs and behaviours.  She gives great advice and focused on us as well and what we wanted from our dog.  Thank you! Highly Recommended


"This online obedience program is outstanding. The course is broken down into small units so your puppy can progress at their own pace and the demo videos are clear and easy to follow.  Patti is the real deal - - she has years of experience as a handler and trainer.  Her approach is sensible, kind and effective.  I would highly recommend this over the free online stuff out there which is one size fits all.  In this course, you get individualized feedback which is critical to your dog's understanding and progression.  I can't say enough about this course!


Positive: Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"My bichon miniature poodle puppy just finished For Pup Sake's eight-week course. Patti was a wonderful instructor, she teaches practical life skills for dogs that can be used in everyday situations. Over the course, my puppy is incredibly obedient and listens to my instructions and commands with ease. Patti is very accommodating to schedules, very friendly and lovely to work with! Would highly recommend to anyone interested in obedient classes for their dog."

Jody F

We signed up for barn hunt classes in the spring with our dog.  Didn't know what to expect or whether it would be interesting or even remotely entertaining. GUESS WHAT? It exceeded all of our expectations and then some.  It is a fun way for your dog to learn how to use its sniffer as it hunts over bales of straw for a rat in a protected PVC tube.  It gives dogs an outlet for something they love to do: follow their noses!   Handlers learn how to communicate with their dogs. Patti and Monica are terrific at giving feedback and helping each dog and handler unlock the key to listening and "talking" with one another. I highly recommend this school for owners and dogs who want to burn off some energy, enjoy time with each other, and build a bond.  We will return for more classes soon.  Thank you, and For Pup Sake, do your best friend a favour and check this place out.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

"We are an extremely happy customer of For Pup Sake Dog Training (FPSDT) Centre. We were looking for obedience training for our stray rescue, who lacked confidence and was very skittish when we came across FPSDT and the trainer Patti Brooks. As soon as we contacted her, we knew that we made the right decision to go there for basic obedience training. She took us and Kaia (our pooch) through various steps of training and helped us understand her more. Now Kaia is a totally different dog who knows all her basic commands and is more confident. Patti is very knowledgeable, patient and caring. She listened to our questions and doubts and helped us find their answers with patience. Although the classes are fixed to be an hour-long each, Patti spent way over that with us on training. She is also flexible with class schedules. The training facility is clean, well-kept and big enough for individual and group classes. Vick is the perfect demo dog, who is very comfortable around strange people and dogs. We also met one of the cutest, happy-go-lucky dogs there, named Johnny Utah! He is in the making of a great demo dog. We will be going back to her for advanced training and barn hunt as we know Kaia will love that."


Such an amazing experience.

After all the research I had done in preparing for a puppy, I got her home and it was as if I had never owned a dog before.

Thank goodness I found Patti.

She was so patient with not only me but my pup as well, reassuring me whenever I had doubts about myself and would ask silly questions.

She explained everything so well and made training fun and enjoyable like I knew what I was doing. Watching my dog go from a little she-devil to a fun-loving companion has been such a joyous time, all thanks to Patti at For Pup Sake


"I've just signed up for the on-line obedience classes and have found the information provided by Patti and her team to be incredibly informative and helpful! The weekly Zoom meetings are helping me understand how my dog thinks and how to effectively change unwanted behaviours.  Excellent value for the money!"


"Thanks so much for training Fleetwood.  Your keen observations and guidance have been invaluable.  You are a terrific trainer! We don't know what we would have done without you!"

Lisa C

"What a wonderful experience,  such a kind caring trainer, so much much fun had by all!!"

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