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Congratulations on your decision to train your dog! 
It is one of the most valuable, fulfilling experiences you will have with your pup.

Training your dog doesn't mean teaching him clever tricks so he can perform for you (although that is also tons of fun and teaching him obedience first will only make teaching tricks easier).  Training your dog means teaching him to be a respectful, well-mannered member of your household who is a joy to have around, and whom you can take anywhere with you.  Isn't that why you got a dog in the first place?

Our Novice Obedience Course is going to teach you how to teach your dog to have manners and to look to you as his leader and his best friend. Once you have that relationship with your dog, the sky's the limit!

Small Group Novice Obedience Classes - 8 Weeks

Group classes allow you and your dog to learn and practice while in the presence of other people and dogs. Working around distractions is paramount to your dog's overall success and group classes are the starting point. 

With class size limited to a maximum of 5 dogs/handlers,  you will receive lots of personalized attention and won't "get lost" in the group.  It is important to us that no dog gets left behind. 
NOTE: Covid protocols are in place and classes allow for safe social distancing

Start Dates:

Saturday January 24  1:00

Tuesday February 7   6:00

Saturday March 18     2:00

Saturday March 25    1:00

Tuesday April 4          6:00

Saturday May 13        2:00

Saturday May 20       1:00

Cost: $480.25 (incl tax)


Private One-on-One Course (limited availability)

$593.25 (incl tax)

Private Single Sessions

If you are struggling with some of your dog's behaviours:

  • Dog reactivity 

  • Lunging at the end of the leash 

  • Excessive anxiety  

  • Biting/Nipping

  • Jumping

  • And Others

Then private sessions are available.

In the private classes we are able to focus on the fixing/managing these behaviours without the added stress of other dogs and people. Our focus is on teaching the handler tools and techniques to deal with the behaviour and teach the dog alternative behaviours.

Private Times are available upon request

Cost: $84.75 (incl tax)


Day Train

Next Level Obedience Training

for dogs who have trained with us previously​​

This next-level, advanced obedience dog training will help instill deeper trust in both you and your dog. Confidently take your dog anywhere, knowing that they’ll listen to your commands a look to you for guidance.

Once your dog has learned the basic commands it’s time to prove them.  That means helping your dog to understand that he must focus on his handler and what's being asked of him regardless of what other distractions are around.

In our Next Level Distraction Proofing class we put our dogs in real-life situations and ask them to perform all the commands they learned in Novice Obedience.  Sit/Stays, Down/Stays or Place commands while strange people and strange dogs walk past, focus on the handler while walking past other dogs, ignore the children playing in the park when they're on command, are all examples of the work we do.  We'll also spend time in For Pup Sake's training field doing long line work and further distraction work.

Your dog's training isn't complete until you have distraction proofed so let us help you with that.

3 month membership/1 class per week
CAD $150 +hst

payment via e-transfer, Visa, M/C, Applepay

Distraction proof your commands
Train around other dogs
Train in public places
Show off what your dog can do

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