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Structured Day Care

Our Day Care is currently at capacity and we are no longer accepting new dogs

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For Pup Sake's Structured Day Care Program is not like other doggie day cares.  It is designed to work hand in hand with your dog's training and to expedite your dog's learning.

What makes our program different is that we don't just physically exhaust your dog and send them home,  we send them home BETTER.  

Throughout your dog's day he will have properly supervised playtime with other balanced dogs. Play will be monitored to ensure fairness and proper play.  Dogs will come to understand that bullying, overly rough or inappropriate play is unacceptable.  

Intermixed with play will be obedience.  Recalls, stay commands and Place commands all aid in building self control in your dog and the ability to "shut it off".

Enrichment will also be a part of your dog's day.  Pack walks, scent work, ball pits, enrichment boxes are all designed to stimulate your dog's mind.  Your dogs will come home not only physically tired but mentally tired.

Staffed by experienced dog trainers with hands on knowledge of dog body language, you can be rest assured your dog is in good hands.


Your dog must come by for a free assessment to ensure he is a good fit for the program.

If your dog is a good fit, you will be required to pre-pay for and attend 2 training sessions with one of our trainers. In these sessions you will learn to teach your dogs the core commands and how to follow through. It is imperative that you as a handler are doing the same work at home as we are doing here with your dogs.  The continuity and repetition is imperative to your dog's success. (If you are already a training client or have been in the past this step is not required)

The 2 training sessions must be completed within 2 months of your dog starting Day Care.

Cost per Day Care day: $46 (tax incl)

Drop off between 8:00 - 10:00 am

Pickup by 6:00 pm

Cost of training sessions $115 (tax incl)

Dog Day Care
Dog Day Care
Dog Day Care
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